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Usually, I use computer for facebook, skype, msn, listen to songs and watch movies online. I didn’t have any computer course inHong Kong. So except for going on internet, I know nothing about computer. Yes, you can say I am a computer idiot.

But after having CIT lessons, so far, I know better about using Microsoft word, Microsoft powerpoint, and Microsoft Excel. 

At first, I found difficult to do the classwork. For example like putting data together or insert some pictures or links in the Microsoft word and excel. But after listening to teacher and getting help from classmate, I finally know the skills about using the Microsoft programme.

Although I find difficulty in the CIT class sometimes, but I do enjoy the time there. I have improved some skills about using computer, but there is still lot of knowledge about that that I don’t really know and I need to know. For example like writing programme and making a webpage.

Nowadays, technology is part of our life. We communicate by phones, work with computers, living with science and technology. So I have to improve more skills about technology and I think it will be useful for me to work in the future.

Posted by: opheliachanshukchong | June 2, 2011


The reasons why I am studying Foundation English classes is because I am going to have an ilets exam at the end of this foundation course. I love the way the teachers teaching us English. It was fun and I enjoy having English lessons. Teachers teach us useful English skills in reading, speaking, listening, and writing. And I found it useful in my social life.

For me, I do not good at reading and writing. But the reading task in the exam request we finished 3 comprehensions within an hour. It is quite hard for me, but I’ll try my best to finish the test in time. Moreover, I don’t good at writing too. I tried to write more words in exam or exercises but somehow I couldn’t. I guess I didn’t always reading English so my reading and writing skills and worse than many people.

But now, I have more chance to train my English. I read more books, newspaper. And I will spend more time on doing exercise to improve my English skills. I hope my English will change better after finished the foundation course this year.

Till now, I enjoy having English lessons at school and I love the teachers. I do have a good time in the class.

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Main subject at Bellerbys

Business study is the main subject that I am studying in Bellerbys college. My interest is to study marketing and management. And I love to work for some big company after graduate the university. So business study could help me a lot.

Till now, teacher had taught me of how to start a business, how to manage people and how to run a business successfully. Although these topic is very useful for me but I still find difficult of contradictory sometimes. For example like “SWOT analysis”, sometimes I forget what that means. And some other theories about business study,

But I still working hard on those topics.

So far, teach taught me a lot about how to start a business but what I am interested in, is how to manage people. So I hope will teach me more about human resource in the next term.

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Differences between British and Chinese education

There is some differences between studying in Hong Kong and in the UK. Firstly, I want to talk about the teaching styles in between HK and the UK. InHong Kong, the student usually don’t have many chances to ask teachers questions. Because the teachers speaking and teaching all the time. Students only get enough time to write down the note that teachers wrote on the board. But in UK, there’s a bit different of the teaching styles.

Student in UK can always ask questions in the lessons and teachers usually will not write so many notes on the board. Besides, they spend more time on explaining the thing they’re teaching.

In UK, I met many people in and outside the class. It’s easy to make friends with people in the UK than HK. Because  are more friendly. And I love my friends here.

For the class sizes, here’s only have maximum 14 student in my class. Some of the foundation classes have only 13 students or less. But in Hong Kong, I studied with 39 students.

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First Learning Journal

This is the first time that I study oversea. And it is also the first time that I went to UK. When I get off the plane in London, the weather there is not as cold as I thought. Besides, I think It was quite hot. Furthermore, I found that the Road in UK look very much like HK’s. And the Traffic light in UK are exactly the same the same as Hong Kong’s. The only different in between the road and traffic light is UK is using English and Hong Kong is using Chinese. Therefore, I didn’t feel like I was staying far away from Hong Kong.

I went to the Brighton Pier the next day after I got off the plane. It was so beautiful. It doesn’t look like any seaside inHong Kong. Because I couldn’t see any island that near the pier and the sea is very big.

I have plan for my future, that’s why I went toUKfor study. I want to study in marketing and management in university. And I’m willing to work for a big company in the future.